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The best adult sailing club in Toronto to learn, race and enjoy the waterfront

If you are an experienced sailors, you can join Mooredale Sailing Club and get access to the club boats. You just need to take an appointment with one of our skipper examiner: contact training@mooredalesailing.com. Find below more details about the process.

Skipper Examiners

Skipper examiners evaluate new members who are experienced dinghy sailors and would like to have Skipper B sailing privileges without taking the CANSail beginner's sailing course (previously White Sail).  They evaluate members for Skipper A status to ensure that they have the required skills to sail in 15 knot winds. 

Skipper B: You've passed CanSail I/II and/or you have passed a skipper exam to sail in up to 8 knots of wind based on previous experience. Skipper B are only allowed to sail within the Outer Harbour. You are not allowed to go into the Eastern Gap, the Inner Harbour, or the Island unless with a sanctioned event (i.e. a regatta with motorboat supervision).

Skipper A: You have passed a skipper exam to sail in up to 15 knots of wind based on previous experience, which could be with the albacore fleet or a different type of dinghy. You can also earn Skipper A by sailing competently in difficult conditions, such as an all-day regatta in wind and waves. Completing your CanSail 3 does not automatically confer Skipper A status. Skipper As are allowed to take club boats further, but also have the responsibility of helping members become better sailors, volunteering to be boat captains or skipper examiners, helping to repair boats, etc.

New Members With Previous Sailing Experience

New Mooredale members with previous dinghy sailing experience need not take the beginner's sailing course and may apply for "Skipper B" status (limited sailing privileges).  The applicant must demonstrate the following drills on the water to one of our skipper examiners.

    • Tacking, Gybing and Stopping an Albacore Dinghy (so that you don't bang into the dock)
    • Object Retrieval (aka Man Overboard Drill)
    • Capsize Recovery

If you have not sailed for some time, or have not sailed in a dinghy, we recommend that you take the beginners course as a refresher. This will assist you in integrating into the club and meeting other club members. It will also refresh your rigging, de-rigging and sailing skills with over 40 hours of instruction.