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The best adult sailing club in Toronto to learn, race and enjoy the waterfront

Monday Night Skills Development Training

Race training is held on Monday nights. Check the club calendar on our website. All new members are welcome to come to Monday night race training after they have completed their CanSail. There is no additional cost for attending Monday night race training. Come down for 6pm, put your name on the board, and that night's leader (who could be a world, club, or Canadian champion!) will help you find a partner.

Training is geared toward both helms and crews. While the focus is on racing, these sessions offer an excellent opportunity for newly graduated CanSail Sailors to continue their skill development. If you're an experienced helm, we need you too! What better way to develop our new racing crews than with some of our best sailors?

I have my CanSail, I am interested in racing, what are the next steps?

Have a look through the crewing section on our Racing page to learn what it's all about. Come to race training (every Monday 6pm on the water, open to everyone with all experience, helm and crew). 

We encourage new members to crew for a full season to gain insights from experienced helm and learn tactics, strategy and racing rules. After two race training sessions as a crew you'll be able to sign up for Friday Night Races.

You must have crewed in a minimum of three Friday Night Races before helming in racing events. You'll have to take a "rule test for helms" (mostly about rules) and demonstrate boat handling skills. The race director gives "rules tests" and authorize members to helm in racing events. Contact the race director (racing@mooredalesailing.com) if you have questions.

These requirements apply to helms new to racing and experienced racing helms returning after a long absence. The requirements will be waived for any racing events specifically intended for new skippers.

Boat damage:
Each club member accepts responsibility for boat damage. If a boat you are using becomes damaged, and the damage is deemed to be your fault, a fee is payable toward the cost of repair. The boat damage fee is set by the club’s executive each year. Boat damage that occurs during scheduled classes will be reviewed and the fee may be waived by the Fleet Captain and/or club executive.

What is fun about race training?

We asked Jeff K. what he thinks of the Mooredale Race Training. Here is his answer:

"The series of race training Monday sessions was yet one more example of the amazing strengths of a community volunteer based club. I joined this year and have been totally and consistently impressed in general with how the experienced racers are totally willing and eager to share their knowledge and experience in how to best sail Albacores and also with race strategy, tactics as well as local experience with wind conditions. This generosity is magnified when these folks give up their valuable personal time to host Monday race training but also the members who come out on these Mondays and man the committee boat and crash boat while also pitching in to make notes. I also include those that put on weekend clinics as well (i.e. Racing 101). There really is a genuine interest to improve the racing for the club and community as a whole, knowing it will make racing better for everyone.

I can't think of a better way to transition members learning to sail into entering actual races. This past Monday I believe we did 7 short races with a focus on starting techniques which is the most intimidating aspect of racing for a new sailor. Throughout the races the members in the crash boat were driving around handing out observations and tips. But also you see the most experienced members coming out to participate and continue to learn and try new things. You get to race with the full spectrum of sailors - from newbies through to experts. Nothing better than watching an experienced sailor accelerate away from you to watch for what you are doing wrong. The post-session debriefs are invaluable as you get both personal and group feedback, and questions and answers.

And...lots of fun too!"